PAGINATION : Pagination is basically navigating from one page to another page.

Till now I have gone through 2 types of Pagination. I have used this pagination to extract data from different pages. I will show you by taking an example from two websites.

Lets start with 1st website and…

This blog is to understand — What is Client, Server and API.

Client: Client is basically an area from where we can extract data from Server. This is also called UI or presentation layer.

Server: Server is storage area which is not only responsible for data storage but also responsible for processing of data. So we can say Server is of two types:

  1. DATABASE SERVER : Database server is server where data is stored. So the layer where data is stored is called database layer.
  2. WEBSERVER : Webserver is the server which contains business logic written by developer. Webserver is responsible for processing the data within server based upon request sent by client. This layer is called Application layer.

What is API?

API is application programming interface between client and server which helps in communication and data exchange between two software.



(1) Reusable methods or Page classes -create reusable methods whenever you find repeatable code. Don’t duplicate same thing multiple times.

(2) Explicit wait- Thread sleep delays everywhere in test scenarios and also effect on performance by throwing an exception error if page is not loaded till the time which we…

How to scrape data from Google Sheet without Using Google API and without Saving data in your local machine

Requirements To scrape data

  1. Install Python

2. Install IDE(Integrated Development Environment) i.e PyCharm

3. Install Selenium and Pandas using Command Prompt by writing command i.e …

SDET (Software Development Engineer in Test) in testing is an IT professional who can work equally and effectively in both development and testing roles. SDETs take part in complete software development process as well as software testing process. …

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